Golden Icon is an alternative rock band from Heilbronn, Germany. Some people might say that the musical style varies up to progressive rock or even metal funk. You better find out yourself.

Band members are:
Andy - guitar, Robin - bass, Marc - vocals, Louis - drums

What happened yet?

Marc started an announcement via facebook to find musicians in 2014. Eventually, after some auditions, he found Louis as a drummer and Andy as a guitar player.
They wrote their first three songs, which were recorded for a demo at the Adworks studio in Heilbronn in 2015.
At the end of 2015, the band was on hiatus, as there was no bass player anymore and Louis was about to leave Germany for some months.
In 2016, the up-to-date line-up was found when finally Robin as a bass player arrived (this is another unbelievable story of lucky accidents to be told elsewhere) and Louis came back from his abroad time. Since then new songs are written and gigs are played.

In spring 2017 they participated in the SPH band contest and reached the regio finals and met other friendly and talented bands.

In summer they started to record their first self-produced EP. This process is still on going.
Be prepared!